A fresh addition to our product range, the INOVIT™ Speed marries a crossspoke structure with our new multi-layer design language. Look closely and you'll notice the intricate details that set the INOVIT™ Speed apart from the generic twin 5-style design offerings on the market today. Sweeping spokes toward the edge of the rim evoke cues of traditional design, while the fundamental components have a contemporary feel, making the finished design appear larger than it actually is - a difficult result to achieve were it not for the knowledge and expertise of the INOVIT™ team. Every detail, down to the multi-layered accents and precision cut-outs leaves the competition in its wake.


Available Colours: Black MF Dark Tint, Silver or Satin Black 




8.5 x 19" (Front) 9.5 x 19" (Rear)           

8.5 x 20" (Front) 10 x 20" (Rear)


Price shown is for a set of 4 wheels.


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