INOVIT™ FRIXION 5 is a beautiful piece to behold. With elegant chamfered spokes with ball cut side milling, a straight cut inner barrel, a sweeping concave profile, and a high weight-rating there really is nothing this wheel cannot achieve. Being an open face design also allies itself to vehicles with large brake setups accentuating them and giving an aggressive visual. The slender twin-five spokes and ‘straight-cut’ barrel offer up a modern twist on a must-have design in any respectable wheel brands’ stable!


Available Colours: Silver or Black MF Dark Tint




8.5 x 19" (Front) 9.5 x 19" (Rear) 

8.5 x 20" (Front) 10 x 20" (Rear)


Price shown is for a set of 4 wheels.


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